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Fostering unaccompanied asylum-seeking young people PDF only

| Jim Wade, Ala Sirriyeh, Ravi Kohli and John Simmonds

This research study examines the results of a census survey of four local authorities, looking after over 2,000 unaccompanied young people. How did local authorities plan for and place the young people? How did the young people settle in their foster families, and how did they and the foster carers experience the placement? This study presents a range of implications for policy and practice. AVAILABLE AS PDF ONLY

Adoption for looked after children: messages from research PDF ONLY

| Caroline Thomas

The Adoption Research Initiative was a Government-funded programme to explore the effects of the Adoption and Children Act 2002. Seven large and complex studies considered a range of areas, including adoption, disruption, long-term fostering, and matching practices. This summary brings together and analyses the results of all seven studies.

Achieving successful returns from care PDF ONLY

| Elaine Farmer, Wendy Sturgess, Teresa O’Neill and Dinithi Wijedasa

Reunification has been little studied in the UK but given its place in care planning for looked after children, it certainly deserves greater attention. This study, looking at 180 children, follows the patterns and outcomes of return home; which factors are associated with successful and unsuccessful returns; and the families' views on returns. The results of the study provide important conclusions for policy and practice.

Evaluating obesity in substitute carers PDF ONLY

| Mary Mather and Karen Lehner

Obesity is an escalating health problem in many countries, including the UK. Obesity is also a contentious area of practice, and for social workers involved in the assessment of applicants to foster and adopt it is just one of the many important issues to be considered, and can be very challenging.

Belonging and permanence PDF ONLY

| Nina Biehal, Sarah Ellison, Claire Baker and Ian Sinclair

This book reports the findings of a study which compared three types of permanent placement: adoption by strangers, adoption by carers, and long-term foster care. What were the outcomes for the children? How stable were the different placements? And what were the emotional, behavioural and relationship difficulties of children in each type of home? This book provides important evidence on the outcomes of different permanent placements.

Exploring infertility issues in adoption PDF ONLY

| Ian Millar and Christina Paulson-Ellis

Many people considering adoption, both couples and single people, will have experienced infertility - in fact, it is frequently a central motivating factor behind an adoption application. This practice guide explores how best to approach this subject with prospective adopters, what topics to consider in the assessment process, and how the experience of infertility can affect adoption applicants.

The Emotional Well-being of Young People Seeking Asylum in the UK PDF ONLY

| Abigail Knight, Elaine Chase, and June Statham

This ground-breaking report presents findings from an in-depth study of the perspectives and experiences of children and young people arriving unaccompanied to seek asylum in the UK. Based on conversations with 54 young people from 18 countries, this study reveals young people's experiences of their journeys, arriving in the UK, being in care, and a range of health, education, social care and immigration services. This is essential reading for anyone seeing to understand and support this vulnerable group.

Ten top tips for finding families PDF ONLY

| Jennifer Cousins

This quick reference guide explores the important issue of recruiting new carers and welcoming a wide range of permanent families. Written in an accessible and straightforward style it provides a breadth of information and advice that will provide social workers with a framework for best practice in family-finding.

A marginalised resource? PDF ONLY

| Bridget Betts

Single carers are a valuable resource for waiting looked after children, but more could be done to increase the numbers coming forward, to improve the way in which they are assessed, and ensure that they get the support they need. This practice guide reviews the research, relevant legislation, and policy and practice issues surrounding the recruitment, assessment and support of single carers, and provides authoritative practice advice for those involved.