Our Adoption & Fostering journal podcast is dedicated to sharing the research, findings and developments of academics that focus on adoption, fostering, kinship and the children's social care sector. We have designed this podcast series to explore the articles that we publish in our online journal in a new format, and to make the content readily available and more accessible.

Our presenters, Vicky Walker (Production Editor) and Dr Dennis Golm (Journal editor) regularly meet to give you an overview of each edition of our journal, talking you through the table of contents of the quarterly issues as well as picking key points from our articles. They also meet with authors to interview them about their research, discuss their key findings and any questions that they have following the publication of their articles.

If you would like to take part in our podcast series or would like to write an article for the Adoption & Fostering journal please contact ellyse.partington@corambaaf.org.uk. If you want to listen to our podcast, browse our episodes below.

Episode 8: Grandparent Special Guardians’ lived experiences of the role and family dynamics

Dr Dennis Golm is joined by author Stacey O'Sullivan, and CoramBAAF Kinship Consultant Ann Horne, to talk about this article from Volume 47, Issue 4 of the Adoption & Fostering journal.

Stacey completed her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology in 2022. Currently, she works full-time as a Clinical Psychologist in an Early Years (0-4 years) Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) in the NHS. She offers an integrative approach in her work alongside families, namely utilising relational, values based and compassion focused approaches.


Episode 7: Biases, concerns and the erosion of rights: Addressing digital issues with adopted and fostered children in a policy vacuum

Special Edition: The digital turn in child and family social work: Challenges, opportunities and imagined futures

Andy Phippen is a Professor of Online Harms at the Bournemouth University. Starting his career in an AI research lab in the 1990s, he has specialised in the use of ICTs in social and ethical contexts and the intersection with legislation for over 20 years, carrying out a large amount of grass roots research on issues such as attitudes toward privacy and data protection, internet safety and contemporary issues such as sexting, peer abuse and the impact of digital technology on wellbeing. He has presented written and oral evidence to parliamentary inquiries related to the use of ICTs in society, is widely published in the area and is a frequent media commentator on these issues.

Episode 6: October introduction with Jennifer Simpson & Cath Larkins

Special Edition: The digital turn in child and family social work: Challenges, opportunities and imagined futures

Dennis Golm is joined by two of the guest editor's for the introduction of the October special collection of the 'Adoption & Fostering journal, Volume 47 (Issue 3, October 2023). They discuss their editorial, The changing digital landscape for looked after children, and the articles from this special edition.

Before joining NTU, Dr Jennifer Simpson taught on the Social Work courses as a Senior Lecturer at the University of Northampton and was also a senior manager at The Open University. Jennifer undertook her PhD at the University of Edinburgh, focusing on the area of Looked After Children and issues related to contact, which she completed in 2012. The research aimed to capture how contact between Looked After Children and their birth families has changed as a result of 3G telecommunications and social media, and whether or not there is a tangible impact in terms of key areas of local authority care.

Prof Cath Larkins innovates in participation, activism and knowledge exchange with children and young people, and their allies, across the UK and Europe. She conducts co-research, particularly with marginalised children and young people which is focused on challenging discrimination and improving policy and practice. Working with a wide range of child and adult colleagues, she co-authors guidance to inspire social change. Her scholarship advance theories and methodologies for participation and citizenship. Her collaborative work with children and young people has led to impact on policy and practice internationally. Cath co-directs the Centre for Children and Young People's Participation at the University of Central Lancashire and the NIHR funded Social Care Rapid Evaluation Team (Socrates) with colleagues at LSE.

Episode 5: An introduction to the BUSS® model with Sarah Lloyd

In this episode of the podcast, Sarah Lloyd talks to Vicky and Dennis about the BUSS® model. Sarah Lloyd is a Consultant Occupational Therapist and Play Therapist and author of the BUSS® Model. Sarah worked in CAMHS for over 30 years before retiring in 2022 to head up the training and clinical teams within BUSS®. Sarah has published two books; Improving Sensory Processing in Traumatised Children, and Building Sensorimotor Systems in Children with Developmental Trauma. 

Sarah is the author of the 2023 paper, An innovative approach to working with children who have experienced developmental trauma: An introduction to the Building Underdeveloped Sensorimotor Systems (BUSS®) model, which is featured in Volume 47 Issue 2 of the journal.

Episode 4: July introduction with Dr Dennis Golm and Vicky Walker

Dr Dennis Golm and Vicky Walker introduce Volume 47 Issue 2 of our journal. They talk us through Dennis' editorial about the need for routine mental health support for care-experienced children and young people, along with the table of contents for the issue.

Episode 3: The educational experiences of children in care with Dr Karen Kenny

Dr Karen Kenny joins Vicky Walker and Dr Dennis Golm to discuss Karen's article in Issue 1 of Volume 47 in the Adoption & Fostering journal. It is widely acknowledged that looked after children have consistently lower educational achievements than those young people who are brought up by their birth families. Karen explains the key findings from her research and how we need to support and encourage looked after children with their education. Read more about 'The educational experiences of children in care across five decades: A new perspective on the education of looked after children in the UK'.

Episode 2: BRAC2eD model with Dr Tam Cane

Dr Tam Cane is a Senior Lecturer at the School of Education and Social Work at the University of Sussex. Tam joins Vicky Walker and Dr Dennis Golm to discuss Tam's article BRAC2eD model: An approach to de-bias decision-making in adoption assessments with prospective adopters from minoritised ethnic groups in Issue 1 of Volume 47 in the Adoption & Fostering journal.

In this episode of the podcast, Tam explains the BRAC2eD model for de-biasing is used to support adoption assessments of individuals and families from minoritised ethnic groups. 

Episode 1: March introduction with Dr Dennis Golm and Vicky Walker

In the first episode of the Adoption & Fostering podcast, Dr Dennis Golm and Vicky Walker introduce the Volume 47 Issue 1 of our journal. They talk us through Dennis' first editorial, along with the table of contents for the issue.

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