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Often the most powerful way to solve a problem is to start with what we already do well, and everyone needs these reminders. These cards are ideal for recognising inner strengths, building values and developing self-esteem. They can help children, young people and families to use their strengths at times of change, conflict, worry or stress. By thinking about how we use our strengths to build solutions, they become not just qualities to be proud of, but useful tools to apply in everyday life.

Each card focuses on a particular strength, illustrated in an attractive, engaging and child-friendly style. From adventurous to assertive, capable to curious and hopeful to humorous, the cards have the power to turn strengths into applicable capacities.

Primarily a conversation-building tool, Strength cards can provide tantalising prompts to follow curiosity along some very different pathways.

Social workers, carers, therapists, teachers and all those working with children and young people could use Strength cards in a wide range of activities including:

  • Building self-esteem
  • Problem solving
  • Setting goals
  • Finding solutions
  • Exploring values

Who are the cards for?

This resource is ideal for all those undertaking direct work with children.

What does this resource include?

This set of 54 laminated cards comes complete with a comprehensive guidance booklet for those undertaking direct work with children.