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Strength cards for kids


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This clever, yet simple card set is designed specifically to help primary school aged children to identify, name and celebrate their inherent strengths, qualities and abilities. 

Each of the 40 hardwearing, laminated, full colour cards use vibrant illustration and gentle humour to express a particular strength such as ‘I am full of energy’, ‘I am a good friend’ and ‘I bounce back when I am hurt’.

Social workers, counsellors, parents, carers and a wide range of childcare professionals can use Strength cards for kids to encourage children to recognise the things that they are good at and to understand that it is not ‘showing off’ to express personal qualities in a positive way. When children recognise their strengths they can be encouraged to develop and build on them, and be better prepared to deal with problems and challenges in an optimistic and constructive way.

Who are the cards for?

This resource is ideal for all those undertaking direct work with children. 

What does the resource include?

This set of 40 laminated cards comes complete with a comprehensive guidance booklet, to help those engaged in direct work with children.