Things foster carers need to know: Young People and Gangs


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In today’s world, foster carers may have to respond to a wide range of sensitive and difficult issues that their fostered children or young people may encounter. As a carer, you may find these subjects hard to discuss, have little personal experience of them, or not know how best to approach them. This series of informative and accessible pamphlets will enable you to broach sensitive topics, respond to your child’s difficulties, recognise if your child is exposed to problematic situations, and safeguard and support them.

How would you know if a young person belonged to a gang or was in danger of being groomed by one? What should you look out for? How can you help to steer them away and keep them safe?

Who is this pamphlet for?

This pamphlet will be of great help to both new and experienced foster carers, and those who are looking after both children and young people. Social workers may also find the information useful. 

The author

Henrietta Bond is a writer, coach and communications consultant who has worked in the fields of adoption, fostering and leaving care for nearly 30 years. She has written a number of guides and her trilogy of novels for teenagers, the Control Freak series, came out of her close work with children and young people.