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Bumper fostering starter pack

| Fergus Smith, Chris Brann and Alexandra Conroy Harris / Pat Beesley / Shefali Shah / Alison Davis / Paul Adams

Save 20% when you purchase five of our best selling fostering titles in our new bumper bundle pack! Essential reading for newly qualified social workers.

Where did my Dinosaur go?

| Paul Calder, Amelia Goswell, Bradley Kemp, Meryl Westlake and Eva A Sprecher, Lauren Fernandes

The meerkats Mia and Kit do not like their new home, not one bit of it! They don’t like their new routine, their new bedroom, or new foods for dinner – and most of all, they definitely do not like their new carer, Becky the capybara. But when the meerkats stay with Becky, they discover that a new home can be OK, and sometimes it’s alright to trust new people.

The secure base model

| Gillian Schofield and Mary Beek

Secure Base is a model of caregiving in fostering and adoption that is based on theories of attachment and resilience while also drawing on child placement research.

Fostering starter pack

| Fergus Smith, Chris Brann and Alexandra Conroy Harris / Pat Beesley / Shefali Shah

Essential reading for newly qualified social workers

Undertaking a Connected Person/Kinship Assessment in Wales

| Paul Adams. Welsh revisions by Amy Shepherd

This guide is designed to help social workers to complete a comprehensive, evidence-based assessment of connected people / family and friends who wish to foster or be special guardians to a known child or children in Wales.

The Role of the Supervising Social Worker

| Alison Davis

This Good Practice Guide is a vital learning tool and companion for all those starting out in the role of supervising social worker, or needing to keep their skills and knowledge up to date as the role evolves with changes in practice.

Managing allegations, concerns and complaints against foster carers

| Laura Williams

This practice guide is designed to help practitioners and managers to successfully navigate the complex processes involved in allegations and complaints. Authoritative and thoughtful, it considers not just statutory procedures, but also provides valuable pointers to good practice for fostering staff.

Moving to Adoption

| Mary Beek, Elsbeth Neil and Gillian Schofield

This guide introduces an authoritative practice model for supporting children’s moves from their foster family to their adoptive family – the University of East Anglia (UEA) Moving to Adoption model. Drawn from a two-year practice development project, the UEA model promotes sensitive practice that is responsive to the child’s needs.

Effective adoption and fostering panels in Scotland

| Marjorie Morrison

2021 EDITION What are the roles and responsibilities of adoption and fostering panel members? What laws and regulations determine how these panels function? How can panels help to make better placements? This book answers these and many other questions and is the first and only definitive guide for members of both adoption and fostering panels.