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Effective adoption and fostering panels in Scotland

| Marjorie Morrison

2021 EDITION What are the roles and responsibilities of adoption and fostering panel members? What laws and regulations determine how these panels function? How can panels help to make better placements? This book answers these and many other questions and is the first and only definitive guide for members of both adoption and fostering panels.

Child care law Wales

| Alexandra Conroy Harris with Deborah Cullen. Welsh additions by Sarah Coldrick

This quick reference guide provides a quick introduction to the main legal provisions for the care of children in Wales. Designed to provide a basic framework, it presents a summary of the main statutes, regulations and court rules, with sections on all the main strands of law relating to parents, children and local authority responsibilities.

Things foster carers need to know: FULL SERIES

| Henrietta Bond

In today’s world, foster carers may have to respond to a wide range of sensitive and difficult issues that their fostered children or young people may encounter. As a carer, you may find these subjects hard to discuss, have little personal experience of them, or not know how best to approach them. This series of informative and accessible pamphlets will enable you to broach sensitive topics, respond to your child’s difficulties, recognise if your child is exposed to problematic situations, and safeguard and support them.

Devising and updating risk assessment and management plans in fostering

| Paul Adams

Assessing and managing risk is an essential part of ensuring that children in foster care are kept as safe as possible, and is central to the statutory framework and to Ofsted inspection. This practical guide, in association with CoramBAAF’s Form R, is designed to help social workers and foster carers to complete and update individual safeguarding plans for fostered children in England.

The foster carer's handbook on health

| Hannah Smith and Nikki Shepherd

This guide is a must for foster carers seeking to support the health of a child or young person in their care, and in turn help to improve their life chances. It is particularly suited to newly approved foster carers, but experienced carers will also find it useful to confirm or expand their knowledge.