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Options for kinship carers (England and Wales)

| CoramBAAF

This Advice Note explores the different options available for those looking after children in a kinship care situation, including special guardianship orders, kinship foster care and adoption.

Kinship care: some questions answered


This Advice Note explores kinship care, also called family and friends care or connected persons care, providing basic, clear facts for those who may be thinking about looking after a child in this situation.

Ten top tips on supporting kinship placements

| Hedi Argent

The Ten Top Tips series considers some of the fundamental themes in child care practice in concise, practical guides ideal for busy practitioners. This guide will help workers to recognise the challenges of kinship care and be better prepared to support kinship placements.

Keeping them in the family

| Joan Hunt, Suzette Waterhouse Eleanor Lutman

This study provides invaluable information on the benefits and challenges of kinship care and what is to be done to enable it to be used effectively. The study tracked 113 children in England, removed from their parents’ care because of child protection concerns and placed with kin through the courts. The placements were then assessed in terms of: whether they lasted as long as necessary and provided good quality and safe care; the quality of the relationship between the child and carer; and how well the child was functioning.

Kinship care: what it is and what it means

| Hedi Argent

This short, colourful booklet is part of CoramBAAF’s series of publications for children and young people, which aim to explain concepts in adoption and fostering that they may find difficult to understand.

One of the family

| Hedi Argent

This handbook aims to give families and friends who are kinship carers, or may become kinship carers, information about the choices they can make, the assessment process, the legal framework, the child care system, the support they can expect and the financial help available. It discusses some of the most common problems faced by kinship carers who have to balance the interests of the child, and the child.