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Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders

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In this special edition of the journal, experts tackle the realities of FASD and answer key questions, including: how does prenatal exposure to alcohol affect the developing brain?; how much (or little) is the problem understood by professional groups?; what are the experiences of community paediatricians, teachers and adoptive parents working on the ground?; and why does UK policy on abstinence from alcohol in pregnancy lag so far behind that of other countries?

Education - Adoption & Fostering special edition

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This special issue of the journal is guest edited by Sonia Jackson, editor of Nobody Ever Told Us School Mattered(BAAF, 2001) and a leading researcher and writer in the field. It focuses on the education of looked-after children and how and where they are supported or – more often – failed by “the system”. It features articles from England, Scotland and Australia. Themes include: the role of social pedagogy in foster care; education and self-reliance among care leavers; the work of Our Place, a special centre promoting the educational achievement of looked after and adopted children; and the views of adoptive parents.