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Caring for children who have experienced domestic abuse

| Hedy Cleaver and Wendy Rose

This Good Practice Guide shines a spotlight on the thousands of children who have experienced or witnessed domestic abuse prior to coming into care – its possible effects, the care these children need, and how best to assess, prepare and support them and the families caring for them.

Access to information for adult care leavers

| Julia Feast and Leonie Jordan

2022 EDITION This Good Practice Guide aims to set out a protocol for dealing with Subject Access Requests (SARs) in order to improve services for adult care leavers and establish greater consistency and quality practice across organisations.

The Role of the Supervising Social Worker

| Alison Davis

This Good Practice Guide is a vital learning tool and companion for all those starting out in the role of supervising social worker, or needing to keep their skills and knowledge up to date as the role evolves with changes in practice.

Effective adoption panels

| Jenifer Lord, Deborah Cullen, revised by Elaine Dibben

2022 EDITION Effective adoption panels provides guidance on the roles and responsibilities, as well as the laws and regulations, connected to adoption panels. It is the only guide designed to help panels make sound and effective recommendations.

Parenting Matters: Parenting a child with difficulties in learning caused by trauma

| Anne Hurley with Kathleen Grace

Children who are looked after or adopted may experience varieties of learning difficulties that are caused by the trauma and disruptive relationships that marked their early lives. These difficulties may exist not just in education, but also in social skills, in children’s ability to relate and attach to others, and to absorb new information. This new title in the Parenting Matters series provides authoritative, clinical guidance for carers and adopters on why these learning difficulties can occur and what can be done about them.

Managing allegations, concerns and complaints against foster carers

| Laura Williams

This practice guide is designed to help practitioners and managers to successfully navigate the complex processes involved in allegations and complaints. Authoritative and thoughtful, it considers not just statutory procedures, but also provides valuable pointers to good practice for fostering staff.

Moving to Adoption

| Mary Beek, Elsbeth Neil and Gillian Schofield

This guide introduces an authoritative practice model for supporting children’s moves from their foster family to their adoptive family – the University of East Anglia (UEA) Moving to Adoption model. Drawn from a two-year practice development project, the UEA model promotes sensitive practice that is responsive to the child’s needs.