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The role of the supervising social worker: supervising and supporting foster carers

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The role of the supervising social worker has many facets, involving managerial, supervisory, educative and support functions. This course provides supervising social workers the opportunity to develop their practice and confidence in these areas. It will include a review their role and responsibilities in relation to foster carers and promote the development of best practice


This course aims:

       Increase their understanding of the supervisory requirements of supervising social workers, in line with fostering legislation.

       Be able to distinguish between support and supervision.

       Understand their role in the review process for foster carers.

       Review the roles and responsibilities of the supervising social worker in relation to safeguarding children and young people.

       Consider supervisory styles and techniques in order to develop best practice.

       Explore methods and ways of supporting foster carers and developing their skills.



Jo Woolf, Associate Trainer, CoramBAAF.



Supervising social workers new to the role and social workers looking for a refresher or aspiring supervising social workers.

Fostering Managers

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For social workers, reflection on this session may contribute to your continuing professional development (CPD).

Total of 22 places available.


 The Role of the Supervising Social Worker

Author: Alison Davis (2022)

The Role of the Supervising Social Worker

Supervising social workers have an essential role to play in foster care and are a key link between the fostering service and foster carers. However, the importance of this role to successful foster care is often overlooked. The supervising social worker must provide support and advice to foster carers, while fulfilling their role as supervisor, ensuring that the fostered child feels secure and is thriving, and verifying that the carer meets the fostering service’s requirements. The role also involves many challenges; workers must, for example, build close professional relationships while maintaining appropriate boundaries, manage allegations against carers, work with carers who may present challenges, and deal with their own feelings in emotional situations. It is essential for anyone taking on this role, or managing supervising social workers, to understand these varied demands, and the need to be a supporter, teacher, inspector, assessor, coach, mediator, networker, colleague, and counsellor.

This comprehensive, considered and highly practical guide is a vital learning tool and companion for all supervising social workers.


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