Our values

Our programme of workshops and training courses is:

  • designed with the child in mind
  • underpinned by a sound knowledge and research base
  • aimed at increasing participants' knowledge, skills, awareness and confidence in addressing issues related to social work with children and families
  • intended to help participants fulfil their statutory obligations and improve their service delivery
  • delivered by qualified professionals
  • supported by experts and expertise within the organisation

We are committed to:

  • carrying out post-course evaluation in order to  learn from participants
  • anti-discriminatory practice, addressing diversity and ensuring all learners are treated sensitively and respectfully
  • providing a safe and optimal learning environment

Training delivery

Our learning events cater to a wide variety of people and their learning needs.

We offer training services to support frontline children's services and independent social workers, managers, special guardians, children's guardians, safeguarding workers, panel members, adopters and foster carers.

We want to offer learners the most conducive environment for developing their knowledge and skills. There are opportunities to be interactive, work in groups and participate in experiential learning exercises. We discuss case studies and offer the space and time for participants to be reflective and absorb their learning.

We use a variety of media and presentations and can adapt to the needs of participants. We aim to be flexible, for instance offering training for foster carers during the school day.

Meeting the needs of professionals

With all our training offers, we aim to:

  • focus on equipping you with the skills necessary to ensure good planning for children
  • offer high quality training on core issues in child care
  • cross-reference the content of courses to appropriate external educational and occupational structures, as well as the qualification requirements of HCPC (registration) and national minimum standards of adoption and fostering
  • provide documentation which you can use as evidence of continuing professional development

Striving for excellence

We want every training or consultancy event to deliver the agreed outcomes to an excellent standard.

We take feedback and evaluation seriously. Participants are encouraged to fill in an evaluation form after a training event. We also sit down with our consultancy customers as each contract is completed to find out what they thought.

We promote our own learning and work with our associates to develop their skills. We want every trainer consultant to meet our presentation standards and to put their expertise to good use in order to improve practice in child care.

Our trainer consultants and associates meet regularly to review our training portfolio, introduce new courses, and revise and refresh our training materials and other resources.