Our mission

We are dedicated to improving the life chances for children and young people in care, by promoting the need for timely, high quality placements, and by informing, educating and supporting those who work with and care for them, and working to ensure that children and young people who cannot live with their birth families receive the support they need throughout their lives.

Our vision

Our vision is for every child to have a safe, secure and loving placement that will help them thrive, achieve their potential, and grow to be the happy and productive citizens of tomorrow.

Our values

The following four values are the cornerstones of the work we do. Each individual value interacts and speaks to the other values and are all underpinned and seen through an equality, diversity and inclusion lens.  


Support is at the heart of what we do. We work collaboratively to empower individuals, teams and organisations and give voice to those seldom heard. We provide resources, knowledge and encouragement to achieve shared goals.  


Curiosity allows us to listen, reflect on ourselves and our work and to be willing to change. Being curious enables us to be free to learn from the past and present, explore new ideas, innovate and evolve so we continue to be relevant, accessible and engaged with our members. 


Ambition drives us to be better at what we do and to strive to do the best for our members and the children and families they work with. It inspires us to set high standards, helps us challenge and promote and influence positive change. 


Integrity makes us honest and accountable. We aspire do what we say we will and making amends when we get it wrong. Integrity ensures we do things in an ethical, legal and fair way; it makes us trustworthy and reliable.