Effective adoption panels - appendices


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These downloadable resources accompany Effective Adoption Panels 2022 edition to help you simplify and streamline panel maintenance and administration at every stage.

The resources include:

  • job descriptions and person specifications for panel members and Chairs;
  • interview questions for panel members and Chairs;
  • a panel member code of conduct;
  • self-evaluation and review forms for panel members and Chairs;
  • review forms for panel members and Chairs;
  • forms for feedback from agency staff;
  • checklists of additional information to be provided by the agency;
  • decision-making tools for approvals/matches, SHOBPA decisions and qualifying determinations;
  • templates for panel quality assurance/business meetings and six-month/annual reports;
  • CoramBAAF’s pamphlet, Thinking of Joining an Adoption Panel?;
  • and A Guide to Writing Panel Minutes.

These can be purchased as electronic Word documents for unlimited future use by agencies and circulated to prospective panel members and panel minute-takers.


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