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Practice Note 73. Disabled Foster Carers

| Dr Peter Unwin / Becki Meakin / Alexandra Jones

This Practice Note considers the recruitment, assessment and support of disabled foster carers, with exploration of why such carers may be less likely than others to be taken on by agencies, and the benefits they can bring for children.

Ten top tips for placing disabled children

| Hedi Argent

The Ten Top Tips series considers some of the fundamental themes in child care practice in concise, practical guides ideal for busy practitioners. This book provides an essential checklist for anyone seeking the right new family for a disabled child.

Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders

| Multiple

In this special edition of the journal, experts tackle the realities of FASD and answer key questions, including: how does prenatal exposure to alcohol affect the developing brain?; how much (or little) is the problem understood by professional groups?; what are the experiences of community paediatricians, teachers and adoptive parents working on the ground?; and why does UK policy on abstinence from alcohol in pregnancy lag so far behind that of other countries?

The family business

| Robert Marsden

Published as part of the Our Story series, The family business is the true story of the adoption of William, a little boy with cerebral palsy, by a middle-aged couple with three birth children. It tells of the journey William and the other members of the family made to get to the point where they felt they were a whole family.

What is a disability?

| Hedi Argent

This short, colourful booklet is part of CoramBAAF’s series of publications for children and young people, which aim to explain concepts in adoption and fostering that they may find difficult to understand.