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Adopting a child

| Jenifer Lord

This beginner’s guide is the book for anyone considering adopting in England, Northern Ireland and Wales. This book will guide you through the adoption process, reflecting current legislation and guidance, with real life adoption stories.

Adopting a child in Scotland

| Robert Swift

NEW 2020 EDITION This book covers everything you need to know about adoption in Scotland. It describes the processes involved in adopting a child, with a wealth of practical information. You can also read the stories of adopters from how it feels to go through the adoption process to what life as an adoptive family is really like, and the stories of adopted children and how they think and feel about adoption.

Adopting large sibling groups

| Hilary Saunders and Julie Selwyn

This research study examines adopters’ experiences of parenting a large sibling group, as well as the views of staff in adoption agencies who need to recruit and support adopters willing to take siblings. The study is based on in-depth interviews undertaking with 37 sibling group adopters and staff in 14 adoption agencies, which aimed to identify best practice in placing sibling groups for adoption, and what works and what doesn’t work for children, adopters and agencies.

Adoption and Children (Scotland) Act 2007

| Fergus Smith and Roy Stewart with Alistair Stobie

This handy guide presents the law, regulations, rules and guidance relating to adoption today, covering all stages of the process and related information – in easily digested bite-sized chunks.

Adoption by foster carers

| Elaine Dibben and Viv Howorth

Adoption by foster carers is an area of practice that has attracted controversy and divergent views prevail. This Good Practice Guide explores some of the issues behind the contradictory views. It challenges practitioners to reflect on the established “practice wisdom” and adopt a more open-minded and child-centred approach.

Adoption conversations

| Renée Wolfs

This in-depth practical guide, written by an adoptive parent for adoptive parents, explores the questions adopted children are likely to ask, with suggestions for helpful explanations and answers. Looking at different age groups in turn, the author provides a wealth of suggestions for possible dialogue with adopted children and age-appropriate answers to common questions and fears.

Adoption for looked after children: messages from research PDF ONLY

| Caroline Thomas

The Adoption Research Initiative was a Government-funded programme to explore the effects of the Adoption and Children Act 2002. Seven large and complex studies considered a range of areas, including adoption, disruption, long-term fostering, and matching practices. This summary brings together and analyses the results of all seven studies.

Adoption now

| Fergus Smith, Roy Stewart and Alexandra Conroy Harris

This handy guide presents the law, regulations, standards and guidance relating to adoption today, covering all stages of the process and related information – in easily digested bite-sized chunks.

Adoption undone

| Karen Carr

Published as part of the Our Story series, this is the true story of an adoption and an adoption breakdown, bravely told by the adoptive mother. From the final court hearing, when Lucy returned to local authority care, Karen Carr looks back over the four years that Lucy was with them and, without apportioning blame, describes what went wrong and why.