We are pleased to announce that we are delivering four workshops for Northern Ireland Health and Social Care Trust members, in consultation with the Trusts, as part of their CoramBAAF membership benefits. FREE priority places (four places for each Trust per workshop) are available to staff from the Trusts. Please contact your Trust training unit directly if you are interested in applying for a place.

  • Assessing LGBT foster carers and adopters - 26 June 2018 - BHSCT
  • Best practice in managing adoption / long term placement disruptions - 26 November 2018 - NHSCT
  • Preparing for children to move (back home / to adoption / to a new placement) - 11 January 2019 - SEHSCT
  • Cultural considerations in family placement and adoption - 22 March 2019 - SHSCT

Limited additional paid places are initially available for other CoramBAAF member agencies. If further places become available, this will be announced on the CoramBAAF website (www.corambaaf.org.uk) a few weeks prior to the workshop dates and individual and members and non-members will then be eligible to purchase places.

Paid places are charged at the following rates:

Full CoramBAAF agency member £80.00 + £16.00 VAT - Total £96.00 

Individual CoramBAAF member £60.00 + £12.00 VAT - Total £72.00

Non-member £100.00 + £20.00 - Total £120.00


The first of the four workshops - Assessing LGBT foster carers and adopters - took place on 26 June  in Antrim. Attended by a range of adoption and fostering professionals it explored good practice in the recruitment, assessment and support of LGBT foster carers and adopters. 

Details about the three further workshops will be available on on our website soon.