Finding a family for Tommy cover

Finding a family for Tommy


Tommy needs a new family to give him lots of love, but where will he find one? On a farm? In the pond? At the zoo? Which family will be right for Tommy?

This lift-the-flap picture book introduces young children to the idea of different families and the meaning of belonging. It can also be used to address concepts of fostering, adoption and moving to a new home.

Who is this book for?

Young children aged three and above. It can be used in a general way to teach children about different families, and also with those who are to be adopted or placed in foster care.

What you will find in this book

The simple story and clear pictures provide a gentle introduction to broaching the idea of different families, and moving to a new family. It is a great way to start discussions between parents, carers, social workers and children.

Any child who likes being read to will enjoy this book. They will quickly learn the sequence of events so that they can anticipate what will happen next and comment or ask questions in a natural and unforced way.

The book is accompanied by practical guidelines for adults reading the story with children that provide examples of questions and statements to encourage and initiate interaction.


Rebecca Daniel grew up within a foster family as a birth child, which in turn inspired her to study for a psychology degree. She went on to work with looked after young people, more recently only with those moving on to adoption or permanent placements.


Tommaso Levente Tani is a Tuscan book illustrator and author.





My son loves this book because the story is repetitive, he can remember it and knows what picture is behind each flap. Overall I think this is a great book which touches on the surface of adoption in a child’s view. It is bright, nice-looking, hard-wearing, colourful and bold with foldout flaps that children love. It is easy to read with simple language and a short repetitive story – a must-have for all children, adopted or not, and every home should have one.

Claire Arnold Guest,

This book is very good to read to foster children even as a good night book. Is nice and simple and easy to understand.

Mrs Louise Smith, five stars,