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Four essential guides to online safety

| Eileen Fursland

This bundle includes: Foster care and social networking - Social networking and contact - Facing up to Facebook - Social networking and you. Get these four essential guides to online safety for only £35 (£48.80 when purchased separately).

Access to information for adult care leavers

| Julia Feast and Leonie Jordan

This Good Practice Guide aims to set out a protocol for dealing with Subject Access Requests (SARs) in order to improve services for adult care leavers and establish greater consistency and quality practice across organisations.

Adversity, adoption and afterwards

| Julia Feast, Margaret Grant, Alan Rushton, John Simmonds and Carolyn Sampeys

This unique study explores the long-term outcomes for a group of girls, now women in middle age, adopted from orphanages in Hong Kong, by families in the UK. The study offers a rare opportunity to explore the impact of adverse early experience, modified by adoption in creating opportunities and risks, over 50 years.


| Edited by Perlita Harris

This anthology gathers writing by over 50 adopted adults. The themes of identity, loss and grief, family and “post-reunion” relationships permeate these accounts, as does the power of healing, encouragement and hope.

The birth father's tale

| Andrew Ward

Thirty years after his son was adopted, Andrew Ward set out on a mission to resolve the past. This is an enthralling book about secrecy, shame and self-punishment - as well as wonderful friendships and redemption.

Mother me

| Zara H Phillips

This is is a frank and honest account which explores the far-reaching impact of adoption on childhood, adolescence, relationships and self-esteem. It also gives insight into motherhood from the perspective of an adopted woman.

Special & odd

| James Mulholland

In this extraordinary memoir, James Mulholland explores the impact of growing up adopted, searching for and finding his birth mother, and dealing with the trauma and addictions he associates with his adoption.

Searching questions DVD

| Julia Feast

What propels some adopted people to search for the information about and make contact with their birth family, and some others not to? What does it feel like for an adopted person not to know about their origins? This DVD provides answers to these searching questions. It presents the experiences of ten adopted people, some of whom searched and others decided not to.

Searching questions

| Julia Feast and Terry Philpot

The book is based on a unique study about what motivates some adopted people to search or not. They highlight the issues involved and provide a greater understanding of the complexities and feelings that may be encountered on the way. Users will gain an insight into what it is like growing up adopted and an understanding of the lifelong issues for all concerned.