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Practice Note 73. Disabled Foster Carers

| Dr Peter Unwin / Becki Meakin / Alexandra Jones

This Practice Note considers the recruitment, assessment and support of disabled foster carers, with exploration of why such carers may be less likely than others to be taken on by agencies, and the benefits they can bring for children.

Practice Note 71. Writing a Fostering Panel Annual Report

| Paul Adams

This Practice Note explores exactly what should be covered in a fostering panel Annual Report including panel membership, casework, recommendations and decisions, themes, issues from previous panel reports and user feedback.

Practice Note 68. Reducing the risks of environmental tobacco smoke for looked after children and their carers

| Mary Mather and Karen Lehner, revised and updated by Ellie Johnson

This Practice Note updates previous CoramBAAF guidance in the light of changing scientific information and the improved understanding of the effects on health of exposure to passive or second-hand smoke from cigarettes, cigars and pipe tobacco. This guidance also considers the use of electronic cigarettes/vaping devices by substitute carers.

Practice Note 67. Local authorities' duty of fairness towards a parent seeking to revoke a placement order

| CoramBAAF and Coram Children’s Legal Centre

When a parent seeks permission to appeal against the placement order or permission to apply to revoke the placement order, the local authority is faced with decisions about how to avoid delay in progressing the adoption plan for the child that the court has authorised, while also respecting the parent’s legal right to either appeal or to seek to revoke the order.