Morris and the bundle of worries cover

Morris and the bundle of worries


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All young children have worries, but looked after children may have more worries than most as they lack the reassurance and security of permanent, stable family life. In this colourful picture book for young children, Morris the mole finds out that talking about his problems, and facing his worries with the help of others, is more helpful than hiding his fears.

The book explores the importance of sharing worries and thereby learning to cope with and manage them.

Who is this book for?

Any parent – and not just adoptive – wanting to bring up the subject of worries with their children and help them manage their fears and anxieties by sharing them.

What you will find in this book

Morris has a secret. He has lots of worries – in fact he’s got a big bundle of them. The worries fill up his bedroom which means he can’t sleep and Morris doesn’t know what to do. There are squiggly, wriggly worries, thorny, spiky ones, and even some TERRORS which Morris is too scared to touch. The worries float around his head, prick his paws and make him shiver. He’s scared to tell the other woodland animals about them.

But one day, Morris finds a friend who can help him, and realises that problems are easier to deal with when you’ve got someone to talk to. Suddenly the worries don’t seem so frightening anymore.

Although Morris has many worries, their exact nature is left unsaid, enabling adults to use this story with any child suffering with any worries. Any child who likes being read to will enjoy this book.

One summer morning, Morris was feeling very weary after a particularly bad night’s sleep. Robin found him sobbing by a stream.

“Whatever is the matter?” Robin asked.

Between sobs and hiccups Morris spluttered out his predicament. He told him about the bundle and how it would not let him sleep.

Robin listened patiently. “I might just have a friend who could help you,” he said.’

A booklet called My book of worries is included at the back of the book for children to draw in and write about their own worries and concerns.

Extra copies of My book of worries are available for just £1.00.


Jill Seeney has worked with children as a social worker, counsellor, and French teacher, and previously studied psychology and educational psychology.


Rachel Fuller specialises in children’s books, developing and illustrating novelty packages as well as young fiction and educational materials. She has also illustrated A safe place for Rufus, Elfa and the box of memories and Spark learns to fly.






Very gentle story, with good underlying themes of freeing himself from old worries, putting them behind him and encouraging to talk if necessary when he’s ready but doesn’t have to be all at once. Would help most worried children and a little booklet at the back if discussion needed. Reassuring for children.

Sue, five stars,

A great book to help children who are worriers or carrying genuinely big worries. There is a little book at the back for them to write down their worries and some useful ideas to help them.

ElizaLou, five stars,