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Talking about adoption to your adopted child


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How can I start talking to my adopted child about their past? What information do children need at different ages? What if my child has difficult or painful experience in their past?

Talking about adoption will help you find answers to these tricky questions. It outlines the whys, whens and hows of telling the truth about an adopted child’s origins.

Based on the experience of many people who have been adopted, and of adoptive parents, it includes information on contact issues; foster carers who adopt; “mixed” families containing adopted, fostered and birth children; respecting differences; and stepfamilies.

The guide is packed with practical ideas to help you talk to your adopted child. It can be used for children of all ages, including those with disabilities or from a different ethnic background. You will find the wealth of information and advice complemented by case studies detailing the experiences of adoptive parents and adopted children.

Who is this book for?

Adoptive parents looking for advice and ideas on how to talk to their children about their adoption and help them understand their history and background.

What you will find in this book

This book offers guidance on:

  • Why telling your child they are adopted is so important
  • What to tell your child and when
  • The responsibilities you face if your child is of a different ethnicity or from a different country
  • How adopted children and their birth parents feel
  • How to trace birth parents
  • Where you can get more help.

The book also includes information on contact – including social networking websites – adoption support, foster carers and adoption, as well as a comprehensive list of useful organisations and resources.


Marjorie Morrison worked as a Child Placement Consultant for BAAF Scotland and has spent many years developing services to link children and families. This has extended to consultancy on planning, preparation of children for adoption, and providing support to many adopters and adoptees post-adoption.

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An easy read – fully accessible with good strategies to try out. Excellent section at the end of the book on resources for further reading, broken down for issues connected with the adopters as well as suggested reading for your child. One of the more useful books on dealing with difficult conversations.

Sam Gladstone, five stars,