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Promoting attachment and resilience

| Gillian Schofield and Mary Beek

This practical guide is designed to support foster carers and adopters in offering the best possible sensitive care for troubled children who have often experienced trauma and loss, using the Secure Base Model.

Caring for children who have experienced domestic abuse

| Hedy Cleaver and Wendy Rose

This Good Practice Guide shines a spotlight on the thousands of children who have experienced or witnessed domestic abuse prior to coming into care – its possible effects, the care these children need, and how best to assess, prepare and support them and the families caring for them.

Parenting Matters: Parenting a child with difficulties in learning caused by trauma

| Anne Hurley with Kathleen Grace

Children who are looked after or adopted may experience varieties of learning difficulties that are caused by the trauma and disruptive relationships that marked their early lives. These difficulties may exist not just in education, but also in social skills, in children’s ability to relate and attach to others, and to absorb new information. This new title in the Parenting Matters series provides authoritative, clinical guidance for carers and adopters on why these learning difficulties can occur and what can be done about them.

Things foster carers need to know: FULL SERIES

| Henrietta Bond

In today’s world, foster carers may have to respond to a wide range of sensitive and difficult issues that their fostered children or young people may encounter. As a carer, you may find these subjects hard to discuss, have little personal experience of them, or not know how best to approach them. This series of informative and accessible pamphlets will enable you to broach sensitive topics, respond to your child’s difficulties, recognise if your child is exposed to problematic situations, and safeguard and support them.

The foster carer’s handbook on parenting teenagers

| Henrietta Bond

How can teenagers in foster care best be supported to deal with the challenges that life has thrown at them? How can their foster carers help them to find effective ways to manage their behaviour, engage with their peers, make the most out of education, and find their way towards a fulfilling adult life? This handbook aims to support foster carers as they identify the unique needs of the young person in their care. 

Parenting Matters: Parenting a child with toileting issues

| Kathryn Fenton with Ellie Johnson

This book is part of CoramBAAF’s Parenting Matters series which explores many of the health conditions commonly diagnosed in looked after children. This title provides authoritative, clinical guidance for carers and adopters on why toileting issues can occur and what can be done about it.

Two dads

| Carolyn Robertson

Having two dads is double the fun! Many families are different, this family has two dads. A beautifully illustrated, affirming story of life with two dads, written from the perspective of their adopted child.