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30 years of childcare practice and research: an overview

| Multiple

Eighteen leading figures in the field of adoption and fostering contribute to this special edition of BAAF’s acclaimed journal. They reflect on what has been achieved in family placement in the last three decades and also consider some of the many challenges that remain. Themes discussed include: contact; the evolution of developmental psychology; the importance of recognising children’s family and social relationships through to adulthood; assessment; and listening to children.

Adoption conversations

| Renée Wolfs

This in-depth practical guide, written by an adoptive parent for adoptive parents, explores the questions adopted children are likely to ask, with suggestions for helpful explanations and answers. Looking at different age groups in turn, the author provides a wealth of suggestions for possible dialogue with adopted children and age-appropriate answers to common questions and fears.

Communicating through play

| Berni Stringer

This guide describes a wide range of play techniques that are simple to carry out, creative and can be fun. They will help children to talk about their feelings, fears and hopes. Using case examples, the guide shows how workers can become more skilled at observing and encouraging attachment behaviour, more effective in interpreting and communicating assessment findings to adoptive parents, and better able to help carers understand and use these findings in their day-to-day parenting.

Enhancing adoptive parenting

| Alan Rushton and Elizabeth Monck

This research study describes the setting up of the first rigorous test in the UK to look at the efficacy of particular kinds of adoption support. It aimed to discover whether the addition of one-on-one parenting advice sessions made a difference compared with a comparison group receiving routine support services.

Facing up to Facebook

| Eileen Fursland

Increasingly, young people are using social networking sites to trace and contact birth parents or other birth relatives. Birth relatives are using the internet to trace their children. Facing up to Facebook provides considerable information, raises important questions and offers essential advice.

Finding a way through

| Kate Cairns and John Simmonds

This compelling film, which features the author Kate Cairns in conversation with Dr John Simmonds, reflects on and analyses some of the tasks and challenges involved in the day-to-day parenting of children who have experienced abuse and trauma.

Fostering changes

| Karen Bachmann, Kathy Blackeby, Caroline Bengo, Kirsty Slack, Matt Woolgar, Hilary Lawson, Stephen Scott

Caring for looked after children can be an immensely stressful and complex task and foster carers need opportunities to process their experiences and reflect on their thoughts and feelings. This training programme provides practical advice and training for foster carers in order to develop their skills in managing difficult and challenging child behaviour and forming positive relationships with their foster children.

Is it true you have two mums?

| Ruby Clay

Published as part of the Our Story series, this is the heart-warming story of Ruby and Gail and their belief in their potential to adopt. The story charts their journey to becoming parents to their three daughters and offers a glimpse of their family life over these extraordinary years, as their family grows together.

Listening to children's wishes and feelings - a training programme

| Mary Corrigan and Joan Moore

The Listening to children’s wishes and feelings training course will equip participants with a range of techniques for effective listening to and communication with children. It enables workers and carers to work effectively with children to process difficult experiences; use reflective listening skills and assessment techniques; assist children in processing and recording their life history; and support them as they prepare to move to permanence.

Listening to children's wishes and feelings - course handbook

| Mary Corrigan and Joan Moore

The Listening to children’s wishes and feelings training course will equip participants with a range of techniques for effective listening to and communication with children. This course handbook is designed for course participants to work through and take with them after the course.