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The foster carer’s handbook on parenting teenagers

| Henrietta Bond

How can teenagers in foster care best be supported to deal with the challenges that life has thrown at them? How can their foster carers help them to find effective ways to manage their behaviour, engage with their peers, make the most out of education, and find their way towards a fulfilling adult life? This handbook aims to support foster carers as they identify the unique needs of the young person in their care. 

Preparing to Adopt in Scotland - Trainer's Guide

| Elaine Dibben, Eileen Fursland and Nicky Probert

A well-established and popular training programme that has been used extensively throughout the UK for many years. The Trainer's Guide is designed to lead the trainer step by step in their delivery of the course including the presentation, exercises, discussions and group work.

Undertaking a fostering assessment in England

| Roger Chapman

This guide is designed to help social workers to manage and complete a comprehensive and evidence-based assessment of prospective applicants who want to foster a child or children. It is to be used by assessing social workers to complete a Prospective Foster Carer’s Report using the CoramBAAF Form F (for England).

Effective fostering panels 2019 edition

| Sarah Borthwick and Jenifer Lord

What are the roles and responsibilities of fostering panel members? What regulations and standards determine the functioning of a fostering panel? How can panels implement best practice to improve their work and make better placements? Effective fostering panels answers these and many other questions.

Parenting Matters: Parenting a child with toileting issues

| Kathryn Fenton with Ellie Johnson

This book is part of CoramBAAF’s Parenting Matters series which explores many of the health conditions commonly diagnosed in looked after children. This title provides authoritative, clinical guidance for carers and adopters on why toileting issues can occur and what can be done about it.

Matching a child in an early permanence placement: the importance of identity

| John Simmonds

The matching of a child’s ethnicity, culture, religion and language with those of their prospective adopters has been a longstanding and challenging set of policy and practice questions. This discussion paper addresses this challenge by focusing on 16 key messages, inviting the reader to reflect on the importance of the development of a child’s identity over time and then into adulthood. 

Complying with the GDPR and DPA 2018 - Appendices

| Paul Adams and Leonie Jordan

The Good Practice Guide Complying with the GDPR and DPA 2018 contains appendices including a range of privacy notices, information for children and a job description for a Data Protection Officer. These can be purchased as electronic Word documents for unlimited future use. Please note that you only need to buy ONE set for use across the agency.