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Captain Coram - Champion for children

| Written by Robin Ollington. Illustrated by Albany Wiseman

A must-read illustrated book for children aged 7-11 that tells story of the amazing pioneer Thomas Coram who began the UK’s first children’s charity.

Care or control?

| Jo Lipscombe

Since the early 1990s, the number of children and young people remanded to custody has more than doubled and continues to increase. This timely study explores the use of foster care as an alternative to custodial and residential accommodation for young people on remand.

Carer held health record

| Elaine Greaves, Gill Appolinari and Carol Watson

The Carer held health record is designed to be kept confidentially by the adults caring for a looked after child and, most importantly, to accompany a child when he or she moves on to another placement or returns home.

Caring for a young person who has been trafficked

| Eileen Fursland

This guide, aimed at foster carers, provides information on what may have happened to trafficked children and young people, what to do if you are starting to look after a trafficked child, how a young person who has been trafficked may behave, and what they may need from their carers.

Caring for unaccompanied asylum seeking children and young people

| Eileen Fursland

This series of introductory booklets aims to provide information for foster carers and residential care workers who are, or who will be, looking after unaccompanied asylum-seeking children and young people from certain countries. The booklets look in detail at the languages, religions, culture, food and family life that children and young people from these countries may be accustomed to, and how carers and workers can help to welcome them.