This page lists forms that are used in England. Click on the titles to view sample PDF copies of the forms. They are available on a licence agreement, email for more details.

Form CPR 2018

Child's permanence report

Form APP 2018

Adoption Placement Plan

Form APR 2018

Adoption Placement Report

Form PAR 2018

Prospective adopter's report (including those interested in concurrent planning / Fostering for Adoption)

The PDF contains the following components: 

•    Guidance Notes and Additional Resources 
•    The main PAR Form 
•    Registration of Interest form (hand-written)
•    Registration of Interest form (online/onscreen)
•    Stage One Plan Agreement
•    Stage Two Assessment Plan Agreement
•    Matching Plan Agreement
•    Assessment Agreement (Plan) for a Reg 30F Assessment (Foster carer adopting/second time adopter)
•    Report for Approval of a Placement (Reg 22C)/Report for Temporary Approval as a Foster Carer (Reg 25A) 
•    PAR Progression Tool
•    Adoption Preparation Stage One Self-Assessment Form

We have also developed stage 1 and 2 agreement forms to accompany the above PAR forms for use during the coronavirus pandemic: