National Adoption Week 2021

We are delighted to support this year’s National Adoption Week and the commitment to share the stories of all those impacted by adoption whose voices are often less heard -adopted people, adopters, birth parents and the Children’s Services workforce.


Update on the Independent Review at CoramBAAF Members' Day

Josh MacAlister, the Chair of the Independent Review of Children’s Social Care, gave a keynote speech talking about his experiences so far, the timescales of the review and what the review will be doing during the autumn and winter following the publication of the Case for Change in July.


Race and ethnicity in the care system: taking the discussion forward

At our recent CoramBAAF Members’ Day, we had a panel discussion that explored race and ethnicity in the care system. A very lively and engaged discussion ensued that raised difficult questions that we as an organisation will continue to address and where possible with colleagues in the sector.


CoramBAAF celebrates Kinship Care Week 2021

Kinship Care Week provides us with an important opportunity to acknowledge the significance of kinship care. Government data and research are continuing to show an increased emphasis on kinship care, in both local authorities and the courts.


CoramBAAF publishes anti-racism statement

As an organisation working to improve the lives and outcomes of children in care and care experienced children, we know that racism exists, how toxic it is and that we are all affected. The death of George Floyd and the outrage it sparked, the rise of Black Lives Matter movement, and the vulnerabilities and inequality in our society that the pandemic has exposed, led us to put together a statement.


CoramBAAF supports migrant children's rights

CoramBAAF signed a letter to Gavin Williamson, Secretary of State for Education, raising our concerns over the Government’s treatment of newly arrived migrant children and ensuring him to ensure these children receive the care they need.