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30 years of childcare practice and research: an overview

| Multiple

Eighteen leading figures in the field of adoption and fostering contribute to this special edition of BAAF’s acclaimed journal. They reflect on what has been achieved in family placement in the last three decades and also consider some of the many challenges that remain. Themes discussed include: contact; the evolution of developmental psychology; the importance of recognising children’s family and social relationships through to adulthood; assessment; and listening to children.

A safe place for Rufus

| Jill Seeney

Rufus the cat loved curling up in his favourite place and dreaming of pilchards. But it hadn’t always been like this… When Rufus was a kitten, he lived with a different family who weren’t always kind. Would he ever find a safe place where he could be cosy and calm and dream his dreams?

Bruce's multimedia story

| Celia Beckett

This unique computer based counselling tool for use in child care helps children to talk about life experiences by relating to Bruce, “the spaniel sort of dog”. Bruce’s multimedia story is based on the best selling Bruce’s story and raises the same issues about identity and change as the original book.

Digital life story work

| Simon P Hammond and Neil J Cooper

This innovative guide brings the benefits of life story work – traditionally undertaken with younger children – to young people and adolescents. Digital life story work charts new territory through the use of computers, free software, smartphones and camcorders in a range of contemporary and exciting ways.

Elfa and the box of memories

| Michelle Bell

Memories can be good and bad, happy and sad; those we want to keep alive and others we would rather forget. Looked after children may have more difficult memories that most, because of separation and loss and traumatic events that may have taken place. In this charming picture book, Elfa the elephant discovers that sharing her memories and remembering the good things that happened is more helpful than keeping them locked away.

Life story work

| Tony Ryan and Rodger Walker

Losing track of the past can make it difficult for children to develop emotionally and socially. Life story work is an attempt to give back some of this past. This guide provides a rich and creative treasure trove of techniques and exercises for adults working with children in different settings.

Life story work: what it is and what it means

| Shaila Shah and Hedi Argent

This short, colourful booklet is part of CoramBAAF’s series of publications for children and young people, which aim to explain concepts in adoption and fostering that they may find difficult to understand.

My life and me

| Jean Camis

My life and me provides a much-needed template life story book, to help children who no longer live with their family of origin to develop and record an accurate knowledge of their past and their family. Once completed, the book will provide them with a permanent record which they – and with their permission, the adults caring for them – can refer to at any time and which the child can carry with them through life.

My life story

| Afshan Ahmad and Bridget Betts

Most children love using computers and this interactive CD-ROM aims to guide worker and child through a range of life story activities to help a child come to terms with the loss of birth family, to understand the reasons for being looked after and to think positively about future plans, while providing opportunities for individual support and counselling should it be required.

Nutmeg - the full collection

| Judith Foxon

The popular Nutmeg children’s book series tells the story of a little squirrel, and his younger sister and brother.