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Becoming dads

| Pablo Fernández

Published as part of the Our Story series, this is the story of Pablo and Mike, and their journey to becoming adopters. Set against a contemporary background of diverse perceptions - both encouraging as well as hostile - as to whether gay men should adopt, Pablo’s diarised narrative tracks this journey, from early challenges through to the positive affirmations they receive.

Being a foster family: what it means and how it feels

| Hedi Argent

This short, colourful booklet is part of CoramBAAF’s series of publications for children and young people, which aim to explain concepts in adoption and fostering that they may find difficult to understand.

Belonging and permanence PDF ONLY

| Nina Biehal, Sarah Ellison, Claire Baker and Ian Sinclair

This book reports the findings of a study which compared three types of permanent placement: adoption by strangers, adoption by carers, and long-term foster care. What were the outcomes for the children? How stable were the different placements? And what were the emotional, behavioural and relationship difficulties of children in each type of home? This book provides important evidence on the outcomes of different permanent placements.

Beyond the adoption order

| Julie Selwyn, Sarah Meakings and Dinitha Wijedasa

For a minority of families, the adoption journey can be fraught with difficulty and, in some cases, results in the child moving out of their adoptive home prematurely. For many years, the rate of adoption disruption has been subject to significant speculation. Finally, this ground-breaking research provides authoritative information on how many adoptions disrupt, and why.

Bridget's taking a long time

| Bridget Betts and Nicky Ball

Moving to new families always raises issues not only for the child being placed but also for children in the family they are moving to. This CD-ROM is an interactive story for children aged 5 to 12 dealing with adoption issues from the point of view of children in an adopting family. This unique resource follows the hopes, fears and frustrations of a child in an adoptive family coming to terms with a new arrival.

Bruce's multimedia story

| Celia Beckett

This unique computer based counselling tool for use in child care helps children to talk about life experiences by relating to Bruce, “the spaniel sort of dog”. Bruce’s multimedia story is based on the best selling Bruce’s story and raises the same issues about identity and change as the original book.

Captain Coram - Champion for children

| Written by Robin Ollington. Illustrated by Albany Wiseman

A must-read illustrated book for children aged 7-11 that tells story of the amazing pioneer Thomas Coram who began the UK’s first children’s charity.