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Control freak

| Henrietta Bond

Seventeen-year-old Holly Richards is tough, practical, determined, and has her whole future carefully mapped out. So for her, leaving foster care to move into her own flat should be no problem. This realistic and engrossing novel, the first in a trilogy, for young people is ideal reading for all those over the age of 13, with a care background or not.

Control freak trilogy

| Henrietta Bond

The Control freak trilogy of young adult novels follows Holly Richards, a young care leaver. These fast-paced, entertaining and moving books are aimed at readers aged 13 and over.

Costs and outcomes of non-infant adoptions

| Julie Selwyn, Wendy Sturgess, David Quinton and Catherine Baxter

Many adopted children are placed with adoptive families after infancy, following very poor early parenting experiences. However, there has been surprisingly little research undertaken on the outcomes for these children, the financial and emotional costs to adopters, or the costs to children’s services. This study provides a unique opportunity to compare the outcomes for fostered and adopted children and to make recommendations for policy and practice.

Dad David, Baba Chris and Me

| Ed Merchant

This charming and affirming picture book for young children encourages an understanding and appreciation of same-sex parents, as well as showing that families come in all shapes and sizes.

Dale's tale

| Helen Jayne

Published as part of the Our Story series, this is the story of Helen, a foster carer, and her family, and what happened when Dale joined their family as a foster child. But what was planned as a short-term foster placement soon became longer than expected, and inevitably the family grew attached to Dale, and he to them.

Dealing with disruption

| Hedi Argent and Jeffrey Coleman

This Good Practice Guide considers various aspects of disruption in both fostering and adoption placements and is an important tool for those involved in making permanent placements for children.

Dealing with Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

| Mary Mather

This authoritative Good Practice Guide is an essential read for all those working with or looking after fostered and adopted children who may be affected by Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) to help ensure that they provide the support these children need to reach their full potential.

Dennis and the big decisions

| Paul Sambrooks

In this second book in the Dennis series, Dennis and his sister are being looked after by a duck foster family after they had to leave their mum and dad. But they miss their parents and want to know if they would ever go home, and who would look after them as they were growing up. What was going to be best for Dennis and his little sister? Where would they live, and who would look after them? There were big decisions to be made…

Dennis duckling

| Paul Sambrooks

Dennis and his sister need someone to look after them, someone to help wash their feathers and feed them. A grown-up duck called Annie comes to talk with them. ‘I’m scared!’ says Dennis. ‘Who will look after us?’ This colourful picture book explains what may be happening to young children and helps them to express some of the emotions they may be feeling about upsetting and confusing events.