Where are my brothers and sisters cover

Where are my brothers and sisters?


This short, colourful booklet is part of CoramBAAF’s series of publications for children and young people, which aim to explain concepts in adoption and fostering that they may find difficult to understand.

Where are my brothers and sisters and why are we not living together? Are they safe and being looked after? Do I have siblings I don’t know about? These and other questions that adopted and fostered children may have about their siblings, are covered in this booklet for children and young people.

Colourful, vividly illustrated and presented in accessible and jargon-free language, this booklet provides an easily understandable introduction to the subject.

Who is this book for?

Fostered and adopted children who have, or who may have, siblings who are not living with them.

What you will find in this book

Short, vividly illustrated and presented in accessible and jargon-free language, this booklet explains the concepts in simple terms. Short quizzes and quotes from children provide added interest. Details of useful organisations are included.


Hedi Argent is an independent adoption consultant, trainer and freelance writer. She has written and edited many books for CoramBAAF including Adopting a brother or sisterDealing with disruption and a guide for children about kinship care, Kinship care: what it is and what it means.



This sympathetic and brief guide offers practical advice…and may encourage adopted children or those in foster care to explore their own feelings. It will certainly act as a good starting point for what can be a difficult conversation. Aided by attractive illustrations, this book is easily accessible and easy to read.

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This is a great book for children going into foster care, or who have recently been placed in a foster family. The author highlights new words, explaining what these terms mean and helping the children to understand. This is a helpful guide for preparing children to think about who their family consists of and to feel OK that all families are different.

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