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Preparing to adopt fufils the urgent need, across the UK, to ensure that agencies offer relevant, high quality and comprehensive preparation for people who wish to adopt. This established and highly-respected training programme sets out a far-reaching and inclusive approach to preparing adopters. This edition of the programme meets the legislative requirements for both procedure and practice in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales and provides agencies with an agreed common curriculum for preparation courses in a format which will allow applicants and agency staff to make practical use of the learning to underpin the eventual assessment.

A competence-based approach is used and issues covered include:

  • the children that need permanence
  • how children learn to feel secure
  • overcoming the effects of neglect and abuse
  • keeping family links alive
  • building self-esteem and resilience in children
  • the matching process

Available in either VHS video and interactive DVD formats, this film contains interviews with adopters about preparation, introductions, placement and contact. It also has sections on attachment and adopting from overseas.

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Running time: 35 minutes